Windows 7 problem detail list

This post is a list of all the problems I have not found a solution too – see the summary and articles tagged “Windows 7 system”

  1. Fast and reliable backup software that can restore the system volume (C:) and all data (D: and E: on my system). ioMega drive came with various software: the “Never Down” being what sounded like the right thing but it’s not for Win7-64. Retrospect Express HD seems OK though it doesn’t say it can restore a boot volume (C:)/windows.  It doesn’t show any progress indication and seems to hang.  It can’t handle long paths. It must keep a log somewhere, but I can’t find it. Maybe the paid version? I looked at Win 7’s built in backup, but there’s so many issues with that that I didn’t even waste my time trying it.
  2. clip path – requires hitting shift right click, lacks \ and / option, adds ” ” which breaks anything that wants to use it
  3. explore from here doesn’t work, left pane isn’t rooted at “here”
  4. program files menu too small, need ‘old style’ version? Seriously, what moron thought a tiny window that you have to scroll/click every time you want to run a program was a good idea?
  5. nfs client – well micro$oft “removed” this in Win 7, I can upgrade for $199 to get it back. Screw that, what type of OS doesn’t support basic networking (rhetorical question). Found some $50 or so add ons, but they give server capability and a bunch of stuff I don’t need.
  6. command prompt here on right click, not shift right click – I’m guessing I just need to edit the registry. But really I want “shift right click” to go away and have all things always in one right click menu in explorer
  7. setup wake-on-LAN for remote VNC access (vs. leaving the machine powered up, since this machine supports it would like to be ‘green’ and make this work. plus less wear and tear on the system). Something I know nothing about, doesn’t seem like it would be too hard, main question is how does one prevent randoms from waking up the computer?
  8. In many cases, for programs with “stock” help, the  windows help font too small, instructions to change don’t work
  9. Older programs don’t retain their settings between runs.  Set them to XP mode hoping that would help, but it doesn’t, and now double clicking on a file doesn’t always work, and security warnings pop up. Excel and Codewright are the two I use most and find this a huge problem
  10. Some programs, when launched, but up the “Danger Danger Wil Robinson” prompt. There is no way that I have found to tell Windoze to not ask me every freaking time I run a program if I want to run a program.
  11. Latest UVNC (  doesn’t work in Win 7 with dual monitors – and this is running a special version which does let at least one monitor show up/be controlled.  Looks like maybe one of the older versions might work?
  12. leading spaces aren’t preserved when you copy files. Apparently this is a “feature”, not a bug. Except of course programs that use dirs to store stuff and stick a space up front to make it sort first get trashed. Thank you micro$oft for wasting more of my time…
Saturday, July 10th, 2010 Windows 7 system