Running on the new server

This is a pointless post to see if the new server works.

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Couple of links to things I’m reading

so I can find them regardless of my bookmarks.




And what’s a day without:

and also:

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Yeah, this hasn’t been touched in a while.

Doing other things elsewhere so I’ve left this to sit for a (long, long) while. But a server upgrade is going to have to happen soon and then I think it will be time to revive this.

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ULF receiver and magnetic field measurement notes

Random notes for a project I may or may not do for an aurora detector system (the ULF part isn’t an obvious need, but the basic B field measurement is too ‘simple’ for what I need). Lot of stuff out there from whack-jobs, hopefully I avoid linking to any of those…

Fluxgate magnetometers info:
http://www.fatquarterssoftware.com/index.html sensors

Other magnetic measurement info:
http://www.gellerlabs.com/PMAG/Articles/PART%20I%20_%20BACKYARD%20GEOMAGNETIC%20OBSERVATORY.pdf (first in a series of articles on FDM proton magnetometers
NOAA site for local field values

ULF receiver info:
http://www.vlf.it/immagine/minimal_E.html (receiver)
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ulfelf/ (yahoo group)
http://www.iaspacegrant.org/sites/default/files/pdf_files/Kruger-SEED.pdf (Kruger’s paper referred to in a lot of places)
http://naturalradiolab.com (mix of stuff, unknown if useful)

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WTF…wordpress lost all my catagories!

No, not really. But if /tmp fills up that’s one of the symptoms.

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Useful Plesk info links


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Workaround to Framemaker bugs with transparent images

Transparent images by making them .eps in framemaker. (Framemaker has always had a serious design flaw in its ability to handle images, I guess the designers expected a white background on everything, the official excuse about text runaround makes no sense at all)



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Nutone S-155 Fire Alarm