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lie detector stuff

recent;y stumbled on: and it kicked off some memories…

Ever since working at Raytheon and making a (pointless) trip to some place in DC for an interview for an ‘extra’ security clearance I’ve been kind of curious as to how such a silly thing keeps coming back to life. I didn’t actually get far enough to get to the “lie detector” test…they were very upset that I had friends in foreign countries and said I would need to curtail such unpatriotic activities. At that point I decided the ‘investiagtor’ or whatever he called himself was an a-hole and if the government didn’t want my (in hindsight perhaps limited) expertise then that was their problem.

But being an engineer, I was certainly interested in this big “doohicky” of a strip chart recorder with enough knobs to look like it belonged in a recording studio. One way glass in the room, etc., I’m sure the whole setup would intimidate someone who didn’t know that these things were useless…

In some respects too bad I didn’t get hooked up as it could have been fun to mess with them. But the no-friends thing already killed my chances so I left, flew back to Boston, and that was that. But I still wonder if in some file in the DoD I’m viewed as a security risk for refusing their BS.

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