Speaker crossover articles & references (just links to papers to remind me what I’ve found)

W. M. Leach, Jr., “Electroacoustic System Realizations for the Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Networks,” Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, vol. 35, no. 10, pp. 792-800, October 1987.

AES E-Library Loudspeaker Driver Phase Response: The Neglected Factor in Crossover Network Design

Leach’s book Introduction to Electroacoustics and Audio Amplifier Design (buy it here

Charlie Laub’s ACD spreadsheet

Crossover Networks from A to Linkwit-Riley

1st – 4th order crossover calculator (no plots)

Linkwitz Labs

mini DSP’s article

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Gullibility and the audio biz…

I’m always forgetting links to the true weirdos of the audio biz, luckily someone else maintains a great list:

And an excellent collection of  “no BS” commentary on speaker wires but also illustrates how the audio industry has fallen into a death spiral of promoting woo-woo instead of actual value. And then we’re all shocked that people think MP3 at 64 kbits/sec sounds good…

Another analysis – wish there was a bit more info on the ABX tests

Yet another good set of links to materials on the silliness that pervades the consumer (high-end) audio business:

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