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Retrospect Express HD is not to be trusted

About 9 months ago picked up an Iomega eSata drive to use as backup.  It came with a cut down version of Retrospect, which I remember from long ago (for the Mac). So I figured I would use it for backup as all I wanted was daily incrementals of the entire PC (i.e. so if the HD died I could just restore to a new HD and not be more than a day off).

I tried pulling a few files after first installing & running, and it seemed to be working. Today however it popped up a “disk full, backup failed” error message, which is odd since it’s supposed to croak off old ones to free up space, etc.  The program showed  zero restore points…the support forum said to delete the .rbc file and it would rebuild it and all would be fine. Nope (and it took it 4 hours to come up empty…). So I figured maybe trying a backup…after another 4 hours or so it was now showing 26 restore points and then started the backup, which then died with the same disk full error.

So this now goes into the crapware category, as WTF good is backup software that you can’t recover a backup from?

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