Video Tools

Video info links

(a manageable) collection of links to video codec info and plugins for avisynth.

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Video Tools list

Things for analyzing/processing video files (excludes editing unless it happens to do that too)


VLC – everything player/streamer

SMPlayer – player, IMHO better than VLC if it’s just playback needed (which is weird since they’re both based on ffmpeg, etc)

MPEG tools

(mostly free ones, get Elecard StreamEye for any real work).

Tsviatko Jongov’s tools page (multiple useful utilities that he developed)

Mediainfo Just like the name says, Media info…

tsMuxeR (was tsMuxRGUI) – split combine media

StaxRip – another muxer/converter

AVIDemux – more of an editor but can do a lot of useful conversions too

meGUI – an encoder front end

MKVToolNix – Matroska tools

Cypheros – assortment of TS related tools – purchased TSDoctor (was cheap) to have some sort of error checker, but it doesn’t do much in terms of displaying ‘decoded’ h264 fields, etc.

VirtualDub no explanation needed? –  test clips raw and mpeg2

Stuff looked at but really don’t use

TSReaderLite – freebie version to look at mpeg2 TS (need full version to be useful for h264)

MPEG TS Stream analyzer – shareware – have not tried it

Maybe someday this will be something:

Not quite software

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