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Chatham MA beach panorama – using Hugin

Cape Cod beach panorama

Cape Cod beach panorama

only my second attempt at using Hugin. Done holding the camera so didn’t get enough overlap. Horizon didn’t come out straight.  Also learned that moving people and waves are going to throw it off (yeah, obvious…)

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Doxygen Graphviz DOT problem in Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid

The graphviz version graphviz 2.20.2-8 from Ubuntu’s repository seems to have some bug in DOT that causes it to hang.

The latest from is 2.26.3. However there’s maybe a funny in the dependencies as I needed the base and the lib packages graphviz_2.26.3-1_i386.deb & libgraphviz4_2.26.3-1_i386.deb as otherwise tryign to run DOT without the lib package you get:

dot: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Makefile debugging article

Makefiles are pure evil.  The concept was nice but working with them is awful. I have wasted more hours/days/weeks chasing down makefile problems because the #@$#*$ idjiots that came up with the idea must have assumed nobody would use more than one makefile and build nothing more complicated than ‘hello world’. I put this right up their with Microsoft’s  Windows Registry as one of the top 10 dumbest implementations of a good idea ever.

Now I feel better…
Debugging Makefiles By John Graham Cumming, February 05, 2007

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Linux upstart instead of init.d

intro article

but it makes it painful to figure out why something doesn’t start as there’s no way I’ve found to debug – i.e. it run the start/stop, etc in their own process and messages seem to get sent to /dev/null…an echo “hello” 1>&2 doesn’t end up in the logs.   Someday I’ll understand why…

another link:

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Educational materials site

Good place to look for a range of primary/secondary lessons (not just science):

From which I found a link to here: which has various simulation programs available (java mostly)

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Linux GPL terminal program with logging and other features

So far this seems like the best terminal program for Linux:

(there’s a couple of things that show up in google for Terminator)

Though for Windows I still like Secure  CRT:

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Linux Ubuntu open link or files as root and more right click stuff

Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the desktop than to futz with command lines.

For doing a right click “search here”:

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