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Color picker for web pages

Good way to figure out what goes together and get the hex code:

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What part of the US constitution do politicians not understand?

Geez this type of absolute crap really, really, makes me want to take a baseball bat to these idiot politicians…what part of separation of Church and State do they not understand? To pick on a set of beliefs the way this political ad does is beyond disgusting.

It’s not so much that one dumb politician did this; there will always be individuals acting badly; it’s not seeing the Republican party stand up and loudly condemn this stuff and kick Dole back under her rock that is particularly appalling. Kind of like the smear campaign to use the word “Muslim” as meaning something bad (as in the Obama rumors).

Even the press seems afraid to call this one for the blatant bigotry that it is. If the ad had used (in concept) “Jewish” instead of “Godless” you know the press and politicians would have been all over it.

I’m saving this link in case I ever start thinking I might vote Republican again…I’ll just play this video to knock some sense back in to me.

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Verizon picture quality TBS

While watching the Red Sox get beat up bad by the Rays the past two days, I can’t help but notice how absolutely awful the (standard def) picture quality is with Verizon FIOS (viewed on a 42″ Westinghouse LCD).  Most of the time I’m only slightly bothered by the bad quality, but for whatever reason (maybe it’s TBS?) the artifacts from an overcompressed picture are just off the scale.  Unfortunately it’s not being broadcast OTA so I can’t compare.

Some of the later games seemed better. Still the quality isn’t anywhere near what “digital” quality should be.

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Mentor PADS

techonline is recycling old articles, they just emailed a really old (2005) Mentor release as ‘new’. I only use CAD tools to view other people’s work. I can only say that PADS Logic and PADS layout are one of the most obtuse pieces of software ever written.  Nothing is intuitive and they conform to no obvious ‘normal’ standard for doing things.  Maybe they’re OK for doing actual deisgn work, but seems unlikely if just trying to navigate a schematic or layout is so painful. Oh, and like a lot of software these days, the manuals are useless.

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