The search for a simple to use spam system continues

Can’t believe how many of them don’t seem to handle forwarding only accounts…

Amavis-new would seem to be a good solution for the back end that sits on top of the spam/virus stuff and appears to still be active.

However a web based front end for it (but not trying to control postfix, which Pesk is handling) isn’t so obvious. Most of the things listed on the amavis page are long since abandoned. MailZu would have been a possible fit that’s in this category. ‘course someone that knows what they’re doing might figure out to use these old packages…not me though.

Maia Mailguard seems to be the best option in terms of functionality but seems unsupported at the moment. For some reason their mailman lists aren’t publicly available and there’s no search, so no way to look for answers to problems. Seems like there’s very little activity. This list seems to have occasional activity:

Current release is on this fork here: and install info was apparently going to be here:


Things I looked at:  Not helpful when using Plesk but does show how this all fits together. Maia install – covers 1.0.4 which is important as it sounds like earlier versions were different


Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 Linux