City of Marlborough should be ashamed of itself

I remember reading the original newspaper post a fee months back when the town confiscated this persons legal property on a very flimsy excuse. Looks like the politicians are all covering their asses now, afraid to admit they made a huge mistake.


Victor Deeb should be congratulated and encouraged for promoting science at a grass-roots level (well OK, he had some commercial interest too – but since when is being a garage entrepreneur against the law?), and the Marlborough town know-nothings are trying to stop him! What type of message does this send to parents that might have bought a chemistry set for their kids? Heck, I made all sorts of “nasty” stuff as a kid and it was a great learning experience. Would I be in jail these days?

Particularly here in Mass where we have lots of biotech, science, etc., companies and just a few world class universities…

My verdict (of course based only on what I read): Return all of Mr. Deeb’s stuff, and the town managers buy a chemistry kit for EVERY 6th grader in town for Christmas this year to encourage people to play with chemicals!

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What part of the US constitution do politicians not understand?

Geez this type of absolute crap really, really, makes me want to take a baseball bat to these idiot politicians…what part of separation of Church and State do they not understand? To pick on a set of beliefs the way this political ad does is beyond disgusting.

It’s not so much that one dumb politician did this; there will always be individuals acting badly; it’s not seeing the Republican party stand up and loudly condemn this stuff and kick Dole back under her rock that is particularly appalling. Kind of like the smear campaign to use the word “Muslim” as meaning something bad (as in the Obama rumors).


Even the press seems afraid to call this one for the blatant bigotry that it is. If the ad had used (in concept) “Jewish” instead of “Godless” you know the press and politicians would have been all over it.

I’m saving this link in case I ever start thinking I might vote Republican again…I’ll just play this video to knock some sense back in to me.

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