Windows 7 DHCP problem

Not really fixed, just gave up on it.

The Firebox was set to reserve a specific IP address for the MAC address of the system (and yeah, there are two enet adapters but I’m only using one and AFAIK I used the right one…)

For whatever reason the FB failed to give it the assigned address – and while the FB is a piec eof junk it works for everything else for reserved address (even the VMWare systems on the PC get the reserved address)

Someday maybe I’ll fire up Wireshark on another system and see what’s going on but for now just forcing the address in Win 7 is simpler.

One idea was that IPv6 was cofnusing the FB, shut that off, no difference. Turned it back on, no real reason why…

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 Windows 7 system