PMAS install final note

The last issue was also a permissions issue, ptsmtp needs to run with the same group (psacln) that Plesk uses for Apache so that the quarantine script can manipulate the files in /pmas/quarantine. This did require a patch to to create files and directories with 0775 permissions (instead of 0755), i.e. g+w was missing. (and there’s still the ACL so that anything else that manipulates it will use the correct group; ptsmtp is different as it runs as root and that appears to override the ACL settings)

In summary there were just 3 things to deal with, the rest was just me making mistakes :

  • install needs some 32 bit libs that my system lacked
  • on my system all of the cgi-bin need to be in the actual vhost domain tree, not symlinked (due to suexec configuration) and all the UID GID must match the vhost’s (which for Plesk the GID is psacln).
  • Set the execute GID of ptsmtp to match (and get the modifed
  • (ok, it’s a 4th one, but it’s a *don’t*: Don’t mess with port 587)

And now I have anti-spam perfection to handle the mail lists for some local clubs.



Thursday, November 17th, 2016 Linux