PMAS configuration

Notes to myself (which are probably specific to my CentOS 7 & Plesk setup with postfix that 1&1 provides by default):

  • RTFM:
  • scripts have to be moved under cgi-bin; suexec resolves the symlinks and uses that path to figure out what can be executed.
  • Looks like everything needs to match the UID of the vhost owner and the normal plesk group psacln.
  • run /pmas/bin/ptsmtp from the command line (and enable debugging from the config) to see what’s going on but keep in mind any UID/GID differences (or maybe there aren’t any).
    Also remember that the init.d/pmas script will have set a bunch of config info in to temp files, and ptsmtp will use that, not an
  • need to make quarantine directory files accessible from the web interface (permissions/group issue).
     setfacl -m default:group:psacln:rw quarantine/

    did not leave the subdirs g+w which seems to lead to problems deleting files. So still not there yet.

  • even though the PTMSTP setup has an entry for the cert files for TLS (or maybe these are for something else?) it expects the files to be: public certificate to be named /pmas/data/server-pub.pem and the private key to be named /pmas/data/server-priv.pem
  • Reminder- just need to cover port 25. No obvious reason to bother with 465, and don’t mess with 587!



Sunday, November 13th, 2016 Linux, Plesk