Don’t buy Watchguard products

Call it a review, call it opinion, call it the truth…

Overpriced pieces of steaming dung they be…yes, I’m running on a “old” Firebox but I’ve finally hit my limit with them…whole reason we bought was because they promised software upgrades. Soooo when we needed to upgrade to add QoS the answer was “you need to buy new hardware, we don’t support those (2 year old) ones!”

And today I spent lots of time baffled as to why one system all of the sudden lost connectivity outside of the local area. Answer – the firebox “user” count is based on every address it’s ever handed out, and that went over 12 users so it just shuts off any “new” user. WTF it shouldn’t even limit just plain old NAT – I always thought the user limit was something tied to the VPN use.

And their VPN sucks. So no other way to describe it.

So while it all looked good on paper, the reality is they are a bad deal.

So when some says Watchguard just so no.

Thursday, July 29th, 2010 Servers & Internet